There are many concrete places we have visited; all spectacular locales and views. But as poets/writers we tend to rely on our imaginations at times and go to even more  fabulous destinations. Pick a place: Oz, Neverland, Narnia, someplace of fiction and write of your visit.



  1. William Preston


    The happy bluebirds fly
    beyond the rainbow now,
    as though to show me how
    the wide and azure sky
    cannot, despite my sigh,
    prevent nor disallow

    a journey past my dreams
    to lands so ever green
    with such a shimmered sheen
    that all about them gleams.
    There, heartlessness, it seems,
    is never heard nor seen.

    But still, so true to form,
    I smell a coming storm.

    NB: Thank you, Walt, for taking the time and effort to put these prompts together. Your dedication to poetry and to this site are marvellous and a true gift, as are your skill and creativity as a poet.

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  2. July 31 – Fictional Place

    The Doctor’s Mind

    In the mind of a doctor
    Who’s not a doctor at all
    Lived star bellied sneeches
    And a cat with hat tall
    A Grinch that stole Christmas
    And a fox in sox blue
    Green eggs and ham
    That Sam will not chew
    The mind of this doctor
    Filled up children’s heads
    As mommies and daddies
    Read stories before bed
    Red fish and blue fish
    The Suess’s ABCs
    So much from this mind
    Many million kids pleased
    Though Doctor’s no longer
    With us in the real
    The world of his mind
    Forever we’ll feel

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  3. Thanks, Walt, for making July a month of fun, fantasy, and memories.

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  4. Farewell to Oz

    Standing as three, worn and forlorn,
    for at morning’s first light, your flight
    will have flown. Had I thought goodbyes
    would be this hard, I would have just
    sent a card. I won’t get all fuzzy and warm,
    that’s the coward’s way. I can’t get
    all stiff and cold – no heart of tin,
    what can I say? My head’s not in it. I rise,
    I fall sleep and dream that this technicolor
    existence would persist once we’ve kissed
    and waved adieu. But it is you who is going,
    your gingham flowing and throwing caution
    to the wind, you set adrift. I’ll just make
    the jaundiced journey back to where I belong.
    The walk will be long without you beside me.
    But you’ve hung me out to dry, so to hell
    with goodbye! Hit the brick road.
    That goes for your little dog, too!
    I hate green!

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  5. Thank you both, Bill and Earl. Our dwindling numbers were a tough pill to swallow, I wondered if I still had it or have become Poet Non-Grata? You have both shown dedication by finishing the month along with Candy, Hannah, Sara and mostly Miarilyn. And you’ve helped me follow through to this end. Now I need to figure out if it is still worth the effort. I appreciate your wonderful work.


  6. Date Night on Oz

    I put on my best red shoes
    and my emerald necklace
    I had a date, well I think of
    it as a date, a date with the
    man behind the curtain
    we’ll dine and dance and
    maybe take a ride in a
    hot air balloon to watch the
    sun set over the green streams
    of Oz – we’ll hold hands and
    even kiss as we soar high
    above the common munchkins –
    and entering the hall of smoke
    and mirrors i touch the velvet
    curtain knowing he is just an


  7. connielpeters

    The Secret Garden

    How many times
    have I visited
    that quiet place
    with flaming flowers,
    a tree swing,
    and baby animals.
    Where friendships blossom
    miracles happen and
    the rest of the world stays out.

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  8. Wonders Never Cease

    I traveled through earth
    to a distant land
    where sounds of mirth
    are live, not canned.

    When I arrived I caught a peek
    of a nervous rabbit, white
    bespectacled, and neat
    muttering to himself in daylight.

    I followed him a long way
    to a tea party in the forest
    where a Mad Hatter played
    host to a March Hare in a vest.

    There was a caterpillar, smoking,
    walrus, dodos, and The Red Queen
    who was never ever joking,
    she ordered heads cut off, how mean!

    I ate a mushroom, and grew small,
    drank a strange tasting brew,
    and was suddenly quite tall.
    This is a land with plenty to do.

    I was quite a curiosity
    to those who lived in Wonderland.
    I saw my share of pomposity,
    but my adventures were simply grand.

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  9. What a wonderful month! Thanks for the adventures, Walt.

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  10. Once Upon an Island…

    There’s a place called Zen
    glowing gold and indigo
    it’s ancient and deep
    we can go there anytime
    the mind holds a cavern-wise.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2015


  11. I have been checking my email by phone and journaling my responses at the end of this challenge and have not turned on to blog until now…but I wanted to thank you, Walt and send smiles to you and all of the other poets that have participated this time. I enjoyed this a lot and learned a lot about places that I might not have thought to research otherwise so BIG gratitude for that…I love to learn! 🙂 Warm “Hannah-smiles”

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