Elephant Safari in Africa

Elephant Safari in Africa

A safari holiday should be on everyone’s wish list of life’s greatest adventures. In Swahili, the euphonious everyday language of East Africa, the word itself translates to “going on a journey”. In the age of Hemingway this meant going upcountry, setting off with a tent and a rifle into the back of beyond where the wild things are. But the “hunt” has changed dramatically! Guns are not the “weapon” of choice. A camera and a keen eye and your adventure in the bush takes on a whole new feel, offering a gentler but no less thrilling introduction to the last place on earth where wildlife exists in its old abundance. 

The purpose for going on safari has not changed. The desire to reach out and touch the wild, to spend time in the sun and under the stars and come face to face with Africa’s storybook animals, not behind bars but moving free as the wind across the savannah – these are what make this a holiday like no other.

So, don your pith helmets and break out your words using them to capture the beasties of the African wild, or the sights and sounds of safari country.