But it appears “HOME” has taken on a different look with fewer faces around the neighborhood. We’ve completed our third PAD during July, but I wonder if there will be a fourth.

So I ask, “Where do we go from here?” Do we continue with our pursuit to rise to heights with our poetry? Or should we cut our losses and say we gave it a shot?

I will post prompts and such for a few more weeks and see if it was just a “summer” thing, or if our poets have gone to greener pastures. If so, good luck to them and I wish them all a fruitful muse!

I will then choose to rethink how to continue in this poetic life. Thank you all for all you’ve done here at Poetic Blooming/Creative Bloomings/Phoenix Rising!



12 thoughts on “WE’VE BEEN EVERYWHERE, MAN!

  1. Walt – Looking back prior to this month’s challenge, the participation rate was quite a bit higher. Maybe it’s just that July isn’t the right time with school being out, summer travel, family things, etc. I know I didn’t have lot to do because I’m still recovering from open heart surgery and am presently unemployed awaiting further evaluation for possible disability. Still, if I had been working, I still would have done my best to participate.

    Don’t give up on us yet. With school going back in next month and people returning to their routines, maybe it will pick up.

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    • I like this little community of poets. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with widgets and frustrated with Mr
      Linky on some other sites. I agree with Earl, summer seems to have consumed some people and postings are slow other places too. Whatever you decide I’ll keep checking in and doing my best to keep growing. Thanks Walt!

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  2. I do pop in from time to time and read what’s here. Like others, things change in life, schedules, tasks,, health, family health, priorities. I hope to see it continue and hope to participate again. Some months each day is challenge enough on its own. For whatever its worth – This has always been a good gathering and I hope to see it continue.

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  3. I did the days that appealed to me. I write everyday – not always to your prompts. I have a few different prompt places I visit. You have to ultimately do what is best for you.

    I try to come back and read what others have offered. But there is only so much time in any given day. Some say that is 24 hours. All the best to writers and crafty people everywhere.

    Enjoy summer or winter or whatever weather you are having 🙂


  4. William Preston

    I assume that summertime has something to do with the fall-off in participants, but that said, I’ve been wondering how long you (Walt) would want to continue putting in the effort to maintain the site if only a relative few participate. I think this site and its predecessor were meant to encourage interaction within a community of poets, which, I presume, encouraged and gratified you as well. I’m sure that for some folks, other things in life needed attention, and if there isn’t time for poetry, there isn’t time. Therefore, if it turns out that there are too few few correspondents to make this site worth the time it demands from you, Walt, I don’t blame you if you want to cease. In that case, thank you for all you’ve done to nurture this community. If, on the other hand, business picks up after the summer, I, for one, will be glad to be part of the forum.

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  5. It is a possibility that summer has slowed things down. I love this site, as I did the last. Why don’t we see what happens in the coming months? I can only imagine the effort you put into this site, particularly this past month. It has to be frustrating. Naturally, only you can decide if it is worth continuing, but I hope that you do.

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  6. Hello Walt! It’s a summer thing for me, well that and being knee deep in a seven month home remodel. I forgot about our summer trips and didn’t find this one until too late. Besides remodeling there are other aspects of life that keeps pulling me away but I’m trying to get back on the poetry wagon. I would miss our poetry community but you need to do what is best for you as William so eloquently put it above. – Michelle

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  7. Thank you, for all the challenges…I’ll be here if you’re here and if you’re not I understand…pretty much, I echo William…he said it well.

    BIG gratitude from me though for all that you’ve done to keep up the poetic inspiration, Walt…big-time!


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  8. I’ve had a month of going in circles of busyness…I’ll be around when I’m able. Your efforts here do not go unnoticed, Walt. Just haven’t been able to make it to the many tourist spots as I’d have liked.

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  9. This summer has been crazy busy for me, too. I’ve done some writing but not nearly as much as before summer. To tell the truth the travel theme didn’t grab me, maybe because I’m not much of a traveler except to see my kids and grandkids. I’m hoping August will settle down some and I can get back to
    ‘Phoenix’ : )

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