Sorry for the late start. I’m battling an infection and not fully functional. A while back we explored the five senses. We will apply them this time to the season of Autumn.

Using some (or all) of these words, write your piece with a fall or Halloween theme. Theses are the sensory words we will use:

SOUND: rustle, whistle, howl

SIGHT: darkness, children, pumpkins

TASTE: turkey, candy, apples

TOUCH: cold, scratchy (sweaters), crisp

SMELL: burning, spice, baking


41 thoughts on “A SENSE FOR FALL WORDS

  1. What About the Pumpkins

    Does anyone ask the pumpkins
    if they want a silly grin or
    mouth wide open in some ghoulish
    And do they enjoy sitting on
    scratchy cement porch
    while children run past
    in search of the best treats,
    candy not apples
    What of the candle
    burning deep in its inner-most
    parts – does the flame
    warm it or remind that pumpkin
    of friends lost to baking
    What about the pumpkins
    Who will speak for them

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  2. Autumn Thoughts

    Rustle of red leaves
    as I bustle about the yard,
    trying to rake before
    darkness sets in,
    and it becomes colder.
    Crisp air this late
    autumn afternoon. Soon,
    pumpkins will be rimed
    with frost, apples
    ripe and the smell
    of spiced cider
    will soon fill the kitchen.
    We will sit in front
    of a burning fire,
    sipping from snowman mugs,
    content and ready for the first
    whistle of winter winds.

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    Oh, bury me not in the pumpkin patch,
    where the turkeys howl and the spiders scratch;
    so when I die, lay me in a batch
    of apple pies, not the pumpkin patch.

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  4. Dear Walt, I hope you’ll soon be functional
    and render infection contrapunctional.


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  6. Hope you kick that infection’s butt, Walt…thank you for the autumnal inspiration…I used one of your suggestions and was sure to include all of the senses. 🙂



  7. I’ve got one, I’ve got one!

    It’s too long to place here; won’t you please come and see?


    Just found you guys this morning on the sidebar of a swell poet’s blog.

    Thanks for the inspiration… looking forward to more to come…



    I hear the Autumnal approach
    as it rustles through the leaves
    and howls through the valley.
    An if it passes the graveyard,
    I hope it whistles.

    Seeing the changes it seems strange
    as the darkness comes quickly, thickly veiled.
    Children head indoors as the streetlights
    warn of the pumpkin march into night
    Quite the scary sight!

    And the flavor of the Fall is almost savory,
    a mix of candy apples and turkey stuffing.
    It send you huffing and puffing through
    every second helping. Yelping with delight
    as we get our fill.

    Can you feel it? The real deal
    touches you on the crisp mornings
    dew fed and cold, the sensation of old
    woolen cloaks that scratch and itch.
    Autumns finds a familiar niche!

    The aroma of Autumn fills your nostrils
    like a rich fine pie baking, every prospective slice
    bursting with spice and filling. The anticipation
    is thrilling. It has you yearning.
    Burning a place into your memory.

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  9. Halloween Night

    Whistling winds whirl leaves in the cold, crisp air
    Children’s crunching footsteps sound in the dark
    Laughter follows those who take a dare
    Whistling winds whirl leaves in the cold, crisp air
    Neighbors wait with porch lights on, candy to share
    Doorbells ring, “Trick or Treat!”, dogs bark
    Whistling winds whirl leaves in the cold, crisp air
    Children’s crunching footsteps sound in the dark


  10. Oh Connie, what a perfect fit for a triolet!



    I close my eyes and my feet take me over the covered bridge and down the middle of town, among rustling leaves, past the perennial pumpkin patch photo spots and cider mill, where I smell spices mulling and their famous apple treats, baking. The air is crisp; wearing a sweater, along with having the sun on my face, is enough to stave off the cold. Children at play are everywhere. I hear their excited voices as they anticipate the candy they’ll consume after trick-or-treating has finished and darkness falls on this idyllic street. I open my eyes and see palm trees and flowering bushes, yet the memory of time spent with friends in Long Grove is burned into my memory.

    miles may separate
    people from friends and places,
    not their memories


  12. Autumn Leaves

    Your vibrancy increased, but not for long
    A month or two enjoy your current hue
    The colors bursting forth and not a few
    The choir of cicada sing their song

    The sunny days grow shorter, nights turn cold
    You tremble in the crisp and spicy air
    While people drive around to stop and stare
    And watch the ending of your life unfold

    Detaching from the limb that gave you life
    You flutter like a dancer in the wind
    Your graceful pirouettes you can’t rescind
    You lay beside your kin like man and wife

    Then rakers sweep you in a heaped up pile
    And you enjoy the leapers for awhile


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