Here we are in May and our focus returns to the task at hand. We’ve written a glut of worded wonder and have a strong base upon which to build. Now, we will resume the learning process and there is an exciting experiment I have planned in the coming months. Congratulations to all poets who finished their chosen challenge(s), who even attempted to maintain an interest in the poetic process. No matter your skill level or age, you have shown your devotion to poetry and we applaud and thank you!

Thank you also to the poets who featured their April poems here at PHOENIX RISING POETRY GUILD. It was good to see the activity continue here!

Since we’ve worked through a month of brain wracking poetics, I’ll start us off with an exploration of words.

Choose a poem you’ve written in the past, or  more recently for the April challenge and replace words with their synonym equivalents and see how (or if) it changes the timber, meter, sound or meaning of the poem. Maybe use opposite (antonym) words and write the contrary poem. Include the original poem for comparison is you wish. Either way, let’s take the momentum of April and continue to celebrate poetry and our poetic lives.

Welcome Back, and RISE UP!