It was a pleasure to read all of the wonderfully aural poems of love that our poets have offered here so far. We found that even love in silence speaks volumes when expressed in interpretations of such feelings. The sound of love is as varied as the words we use to wax poetically about it. But now, we will further explore the “sounds” of love using the poetic devices of ONOMATOPOEIA and ALLITERATION.

As defined traditionally, ONOMATOPOEIA is a word(s) that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the source of the sound that it describes. ONOMATOPOEIA refers to the property of such words. Common occurrences of ONOMATOPOEIA include animal noises such as “woof”, “caw”, “roar” or “screech”. However, the idea of ONOMATOPOEIA has been expanded to other imitative effects. Comparing things that are expansive, humongous, and tremendous to things that are tiny, miniscule, and diminutive, are words that are imitative of size as opposed to sound. It would be safe to say a concrete poem in the shape of an tree, on the subject of a tree would be ONOMATOPOETIC. We can think of words like buzz, splat, swish, bow-wow, and pop, but poets can create other ONOMATOPOETIC effect in other aspects as well.

In regards to ALLITERATION, it is defined as a stylized literary device characterized by the repeated sound of the first consonant in a series of multiple words, or the repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables of a phrase.  ALLITERATION can be used in ways similar to ONOMATOPOEIA because it can be related to the sense of sound. Representing sound with words alone, as ONOMATOPOEIA does, can be difficult; so, the use of ALLITERATION can be substituted for ONOMATOPOEIA. Examples of the replacement of ONOMATOPOEIA with ALLITERATION could be the phrase “booming bass”. The use of repeated B sounds is doubling as ALLITERATION and ONOMATOPOEIA because the B sound replicates the actual boom that the bass sound represents. In addition to an audio cue, ALLITERATION can also be visually pleasing and upon which a reader can focus.

So, in continuing our month featuring the “Sound of Love”, I ask you to use the devices of ONOMATOPOEIA and/or ALLITERATION within your poems to verbalize the “sounds” associated with the emotion of Love. With Valentine’s Day falling at the end of the week, maybe a “Hallmark” moment can be written in conjunction with our featured “prompt”. Either way, we are still in love with our words and how love sounds!



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  2. Good morning! Mine is posted on my old blog as I wanted to retain the poem’s formatting, which means it’s a image file.

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  3. Sounds of Love in a Second Family

    This morning’s moments mostly
    consist of kitty contriving
    to cuddle my computer
    while my fingers tappity tappity
    out a poem until she purrs
    and sits perfectly still,
    and hubby singing softly
    while choppity chopping cheese
    and sausage for our
    lovely lady’s breakfast,
    and our man meandering by
    bustling about with a bangity boom
    of his noisy toys.

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  4. The whimsical willows
    The words on the wall
    The world that is waiting
    The waters that fall
    The wishes we whisper
    The bottomless well
    The wee hours get crisper
    The winter waves swell
    The ‘why?’, the uncertain
    The cruel would-have-been
    The wooing, the curtain
    The vows in between
    The one thing we own
    The now with no end
    The wonder we’ve known
    The storms that we fend
    The years that we weather
    The wordless ‘love you’
    The warmth of together
    The oneness of two

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  5. Onomatopoeia Dreamscape

    books go flying zig…zag…zing.
    Words are all a-clink, a-clatter.
    In my dream, there’s naught a-matter.
    Fwoosh! A novel buzzes ‘round,
    blurting out each verb and noun!
    Next, some poems play with patter.
    Words are all a-clink, a-clatter.
    Bam! I clap my hands while trilling,
    “Ding! Dang! Dong! It’s all quite thrilling!”
    Cream-white paper, inky spatter…
    In my dream, there’s naught a-matter.
    Giggle, giggle! Themes now mingle.
    Flying tomes give me a tingle.
    Oh, so fun, this chitterchatter!
    In my dream, there’s naught a-matter.


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    Woozy, wheezy
    Coughy, queasy
    Throat is rough and raw.

    Droopy, drowsy
    Feeling lousy
    Barfy, bloated, blah.

    Sniffley, snivelly
    Snort uncivilly
    Sounding like a sow.

    Rubbing noses
    I suppose is
    Peck to pick for now.

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    Slowly she sauntered, sensually seeking
    the long-lost love left languishing
    in her heart, harried and hurried.
    Every evening, Eve’s eyes eventually
    dimmed in dreams of desire, A fire
    forged in a far-off stare, there where
    women always wondered why.
    Holding onto the hope he would return
    home where hearts and hearths were healed,
    she waited there, where the warmth of love was.

    (C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2015

    Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild – February: The Sound of Love – Onomatopoeia and Alliteration

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  9. Brain Benumbed

    Flip-flop, flip-flop,
    butterflies flutter
    inside my stomach.
    What is he feeling?
    Reeling on my feet,
    I try to look level,
    sane. Hard to read
    his eyes–enormous
    black pools. Fearful
    of looking foolish
    by blushing like a ripe
    peach, I quickly lower
    my lashes. I peek.
    He advances toward me,
    tilts my chin–a charmer.
    Flip-flop, flip-flop.
    Invisible paste prevents me
    from opening my mouth.
    I freeze in the stillness
    of a statue.

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    Her kisses peck gently,
    nipping and sipping sweetly.
    Smacking of honey and dripping
    with the love of lost years.
    Tears left streaming, teeming
    down rosy cheeks, streaks
    of mascara marking. Sparks
    in lightning striking, stars aligning,
    hearts beating, thumps and
    bumps, booms and bumps
    rhythmically tapping and rapping;
    her chest against mine. I find
    her wave save me at every roll.
    Taking her toll, crash into me!

    (C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

    Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild – February: The Sound of Love – Onomatopoeia and Alliteration

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  11. Such beautiful images of sounds—-all
    Makes you wanna read them out loud again and again–

    This was harder than I thought- here is my attempt–
    When Love Strikes
    They say that – when love strikes –
    It palpitates, pounding on perky petalled poppies
    or gurgles giddy goosebumps from gray to gold
    It can even splash spluttering stars stretching spooling daylight
    and mew in-between mindless musings
    waltzing whirlwinds of a weather-storm
    In a thud of thunder
    But, for me it –
    waltzed through windows unannounced
    mewed in metered muted voices
    splashed on silent waters
    gurgled gushing,hushing noise
    and palpitated, pealing some peepless patters
    in the quiet of a quark-
    Does sound transform this game?
    Or is it all one and the same — when love strikes–?


  12. Ah, Love

    Surge of something sacred and sweet
    Stuns her; spills summer-slow, sigh-soft
    Whispers wake wellsprings where want wafts
    Wild within to a boom-boom beat

    Soul-song sweeps soundless; blue eyes brood
    Mouthing murmurs; kiss-kindled storm
    Rolls ruthless, rousing raw words, warm
    Reverberation; m-m-m, m-m-m-m, good

    Touch tempts a tempest-tethered trove
    Wonder thunders, thought finds fingers
    Sh-h, sh-h, shudders, laughter lingers
    Something satisfies her; ah, love



    With swooshing whoosh,
    the arrow of Cupid
    stings and clings to the heart
    which flutters and sputters
    falling flat with a splat
    and zoom, with a boom,
    it’s in love.

    © Susan Schoeffield


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  15. Sometimes I Speak

    By: Nurit Israeli

    Sometimes I speak, so I see
    the soft silence of your listening –
    your ears eager to welcome my words.

    Sometimes I speak, so you seize
    my sentences – stroll through their sounds,
    safeguard their spirit as you palpate their pulse.

    Sometimes I speak, so I see my story
    soak in your soul-stirring spark –
    your words of wisdom whispering lyrics of love.

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  16. The Death of Love

    The torrents
    of escalating sobs
    echoing off the skin and bones
    of those afraid to move
    afraid to feel
    sitting stunned
    and alone
    as the wailing
    slows to weeps
    which slowly seep
    into the marrow
    of our souls…

    even as the sounds
    return under the door jams
    and through the window screens
    wrapping the emitter
    in a blanket of misery
    providing no comfort
    no warmth
    just the eternal, endless sadness
    of a love lost –
    vacuumed sealed
    as the sun sets…
    no future on the horizon.

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  17. Love

    and around
    a thirsty, tired soul
    for forever,
    until finally

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    When love is long but time, finite,
    I listen longingly for you;
    I yearn for yesteryear, and rue
    the tricks of time that trimmed our light.

    I listen longingly for you
    in whispers of the willows’ wheeze
    and rustles of the russet breeze
    when evening stirs the maple trees.

    I yearn for yesteryear and rue
    that all I have are drifting dreams
    and memory that often seems
    to mock my mind as lakes mock streams.

    The tricks of time that trimmed our light
    have taken you beyond my sight;
    I think of when our morn was bright,
    but love is long and time, finite.

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  20. I Can Never Love You

    By David De Jong

    Like a mother loves her newborn child
    Like an eagle soars to love the wild
    Like a sandy beach soothing your woes
    Like the color red calling the rose
    Like a leaf clinging to summer’s dew
    I can never love you
    Less than that

    Like a breath of sultry sea breeze air
    Like sweet slices of succulent pear
    Like sunshine melting a winter’s day
    Like cooling mist from an ocean’s spray
    Like every sunset coerces a view
    I can never love you
    Less than that

    Like a Sunday morning coffee’s cream
    Like the lingering lilac spring day’s dream
    Like a kitten’s purr against your cheek
    Like the river’s calling to the creek
    Like sky beckoning to purest blue
    I can never love you
    Less than that

    Like warming glows from a midnight fire
    Like carols sung by an angelic choir
    Like life itself each beat of my heart
    Like painted mem’ries, pieces of art
    Like all these things, I know it be true
    I can never love you
    Less than that

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