This week we will depart from routine and pay heed to those who choose NOT to celebrate rhyme. We will give you a break and give sway to the Anti-Rhyme. We have Anti-Heroes, Anti-freeze, Anti-acid, Anti-Oxidants, some speak of the Anti-Christ. There is an antithesis, Auntie Mame (had to throw that in) and twice a year (one coming up soon) a Two-for-Tuesday call to the Anti-Love poem. So, if you are against using rhyme, write your anti-rhyme poem. Anything that you are against is fair game. Against the Designated Hitter in baseball, give it a whirl. Anti-Reality TV, that works as well. Break the mold this week, and rail against your anti-whatever. But, there is no need for rhyme in your poems (unless you truly are driven by it!) We will get an early jump on April Poetry Month next week. I will assemble a calendar featuring a different form each day. Try to use it in at least one of your efforts in whichever P.A.D. Challenge you undertake.



We’re coming to the end of our love song. The sounds and various effects we use to express them will serve us in our future pursuits of poetry.

Twice a year when the poetry challenges come around, we know there will be a Tuesday dedicated to either love poems and “anti-love” poems. These opposite poles of romantic magnetism have a distinct “sound” all their own.

As we’ve explored, the lilting music of love has a quality that placates our hearts and touches souls. But the edgy, almost angry or angst filled sense of this “dark side” of love has a certain timber to it. The sound is more driven by the emotion. Jealousy, paranoia, uncertainty and self-doubt all come off sounding different from one another.

So, to close out February and to silence the sounds of love, develop some of those dreaded “anti-love” poems.