Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney

Had the thrill of seeing a favorite performer on Thursday as Paul McCartney played Buffalo for the very first time.

We’ll explore the famous people you’ve seen  or actually met in your lifetime. Write a tribute poem in their honor. Aside from Sir Paul, I had the privilege of meeting Olympian Jesse Owens when I was a young man. His story and inspiration had a profound affect on me. Who will you write about?


18 thoughts on “NAME DROPPERS

  1. William Preston


    There was once a performer named Roy
    who was famous, a popular goy;
    in his movies and singing
    he always was bringing
    such joy to this tenement boy.

    His wife was the Queen of the West
    and his marksmanship always was best.
    When he rode forth on Trigger,
    he seemed grander and bigger
    than presidents, popes, and the rest.

    On the day that I happened to meet him,
    I was startled that I was to greet him;
    he stopped and said hi
    then he quickly passed by
    before the big crowd could mistreat him.

    The fame of a star can be fleeting,
    but from that mere wisp of a meeting
    I saw in his smile
    such great warmth without guile
    that I still feel the joy of his greeting.


  2. John Green

    October 2015, first StoryCon in Minnesota,
    he seemed like a scrawny kid, though almost 40,
    tall and thin, bespectacled, somewhat shy,
    wearing jeans, plaid shirt and sneakers.
    When he entered, the nerds went crazy.
    Most knew him from the Vlogbrothers,
    a YouTube show done with brother Hank,
    that has a following of millions.
    He made Time’s 2014 Top 100 influential people.
    He has written four best-sellers for young adults.
    One book has become a movie with another in the making.
    “Be awesome!” he says.
    He sets the example
    with Project for Awesome
    when he raises money for worthy causes.
    You never know what one person can do
    until you try.

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  3. Stop in the Name of What

    we went to see the Supremes
    but they were just tiny dots
    on a far away stage
    seats at the top of the world
    no jumbotron in my youth


  4. Isn’t That . . .?

    There are lines you remember
    from movies that become
    an intrinsic part
    of your vocabulary.
    For me, funny lines
    are easier to use
    and recall. Plus,
    you keep a chance
    to laugh in your pocket.

    Upper west side
    of Manhattan–late
    afternoon on a wintry
    day. I say to my husband,
    “Isn’t that Woody Allen?”
    He was coming from the opposite
    direction. We would be face
    to face in a minute. Woody
    pulled up the collar of his
    jacket, eyes downcast
    as he passed us. We peered
    at him out of the corner
    of our eyes, like two spies.
    Excited, but mute, we watched
    him walk down the block.
    What did we expect–
    a pratfall, a witty remark?
    What would we have said
    to him, anyway?


  5. Supertramp Live

    Way back in nineteen seventy nine
    My Kind of Lady queried me
    Listen to Me Please, she said with a smile
    It’s Raining Again and we need a ride
    To see Supertramp live in Heidelberg

    Got you a ticket and a tank of gas
    Just Put on Your Old Brown Shoes
    Don’t Hide in Your Shell you Dreamer
    Let’s pick up Rudy and hit the road
    We’ll eat Breakfast in America on the way

    And after The Logical Song plays
    And we feel like we’ve Gone Hollywood
    We’ll tell everyone “Goodbye Stranger”
    Then we’ll Take the Long Way Home
    Free as a Bird? Bloody Well Right

    © 2015 Earl Parsons


  6. I’m so glad you had that experience, Walt!! I’ve been wracking my brain for this one…I don’t think I’ve met one famous person, (yet!). Maybe next time…thank you for the prompt!


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