As the season takes hold, Autumn is a wonderful time to sit on the front porch with a cuppa (name your poison) and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

My go-to libation is a nice cup of tea. Strongly steeped and deep with flavor, the way I like it. Salada came up with a novel idea putting inspirations on their tea bag string tags. Tag lines, they were called. If you’re privy to the blend by all means, pour yourself a cup and use your tag as the basis for your poem. Make it a line, title or just be inspired by it for our poem.

Or use one of these:.

Gourmets first taste their meals with their eyes.

The best things in life aren’t things.

Checking social media at dinner makes you anti-social.

Change your thoughts and you can change the world.


26 thoughts on “TEA TIME / TAG LINES


    It started out with e-mailed notes, these many years ago,
    and it was fun to save a stamp and watch a message flow
    from place to place in record time, from Maine to Mexico.

    Now Twitter and Facebook have got the nation in a rut;
    they transmit everything, it seems, but let me tell you what:
    it’s all convenient, that’s for sure, and often timely, but

    checking social media at dinner makes you anti-social.

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  2. Lighten Up

    Mind over matter: If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. (Salada tea tag line)

    What’s offensive to one
    is funny to another.
    A chip on the shoulder
    makes enemies of brothers.

    Most people mean well
    when they have something to say.
    Let lighten up
    be your my motto today.

    So let the comments of those
    without any tact,
    roll like water
    off a duck’s back.

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    The best things in life

    aren’t even things at all.

    The material pleasures

    are at best a flash in the pan,

    a chasing after the wind.

    Yet the world is teeming

    with them.

    With the malignant joys

    of it’s persistent deception.

    But the intangible gifts to

    humanity reside in its nature.


    Love is more powerful

    than every weapon on earth.

    Stronger than steel,

    more resilient than metal.

    A great conductor of emotion,

    it travels at great speed.

    Spreading like the light of day;

    it produces the hidden bud,

    and unfurls the shy bloom

    to enrich the many.

    Pleasing to the eyes,

    and more precious than diamond.

    Its better than a gleam of silver,

    or mountain range of gold.

    May it’s truth be told

    and may we not withhold

    the greatest gift.


    Benjamin Thomas

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  4. Berry Blue

    a brown nutty flour cloud rises from
    the green mixing bowl
    pale lemon chiffon yellow bananas
    blend with bright school bus yellow eggs

    all folded one upon the other becoming
    bland, tan, until bits of blue (berries) are
    gently added – dipped, spooned into pink
    and blue fluted paper packages

    kissed by brown sugar lips and
    tucked into the oven where magic happens

    “gourmets first taste their food with their eyes”

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  5. Complementary Colors

    I picked, “Gourmets first taste their meals with their eyes.”

    Pleasing feast–
    golden fried cubes of
    dark red meat
    sauce paired with verdant broccoli
    rabe. Let’s have a toast!

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  6. TAG LINE: “The best things in life aren’t things.”

    Look around you.
    It may astound you to know
    that we have everything we need
    to live a life without greed or avarice
    or malice towards one another.
    Because all that matters are the sisters
    and brothers whom we have touched.
    Or have touched us. We waste a lot
    of time and resources on materials,
    when caring for each other returns much
    more than we’d invested. Change you attitudes
    and Direct your platitudes at the best of mankind.
    You will find that the best things in life aren’t things.

    (C) Walter J. Wojtanik, 2015

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  8. I have a whole tine of these saved for just such a challenge…I used the one that came to mind first though. Thank you, Walt!


    I’ll be back to read, poetic friends…it’s late and I have work tomorrow…


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