It’s been quite the summer, as we finally get released from its steamy grip up in Western New York for cooler temperatures andumbrellarain quantities of rain. Believe me, we could use it!

There is a beauty in a rainstorm, the sounds are near symphonic, a euphonic tintinnabulation for the ears. The sights are picturesque as it appears that everything looks better when wet. The air seems fresher as everything is awash with rain. So this week we are “write as rain”. From a soft spring shower to a torrential downpour, write a rain poem. I’m not so naive to not recall the power and devastation of too much of a good rain. Whatever your opinion of rain, good or bad, lay down your deluge of words in honor of one of nature’s necessities! And as the title says, let poetry rain (er, reign) supreme!


42 thoughts on “POETRY RAINS SUPREME

  1. I’m putting in the link because I just don’t think it will fit the way I wrote it…
    Not entirely about rain, but there is some rain in this ‘mash-up’ of prompts;
    Reigning in Expressions


  2. Jesus Said…
    (Matthew 5:43-48)

    They say, care for your community
    but I say, love your enemies.
    Pray for those who wrong you,
    as children of the Heavenly Father.

    He sends sunshine and rain
    on those who do evil
    as well on those who do good.

    If you love your friends and family
    don’t even thieves do the same?
    If you greet only those close to you,
    don’t even the worldly do that?

    Aim to imitate Emmanuel,
    rain your kindness on all.

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  3. Evenetide
    In a grayness that only grows darker
    The afternoon drizzle slowly becomes
    evening rain.

    Fooled by this morning’s pale sunlight,
    we workers now cover our heads
    with newspapers as we run to our cars.

    All the way home, my taped melodies
    swing to the rhythm of the windshield
    wipers as they swish back and forth.

    From the windows of the buildings
    rising through the rain-mist,
    small lights wink on their welcome.

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    (a shadorma)

    The safety
    of your covering
    fills me with
    warmth as I
    find shelter from the storm. You,
    Lord, are my refuge.

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  5. Storms Without, Storms Within

    Storms at night are scary
    All alone, in the dark

    No crooning moon
    Or cheering stars

    The sky is covered in inky splotches
    Like some demented Rorschach test

    No fluffy bunnies or tail chasing
    kittens – only dragons consuming

    Snakes, whipping tails,
    Stomping across the skyscape

    I wait for the raindrops to wash
    Them away when morning comes

    Storms at night are scary
    All alone, in the dark

    No laughter to light the room
    No brave arms to wrap my fears in

    My beating heart is the thunder
    My thoughts clash like bolts of lightening

    I wait for the teardrops to wash
    Them all away when morning comes

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    Every time it rains, it rains
    April showers;
    raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
    in stormy weather,
    and baby, the rain must fall
    when the rain begins to fall
    as chocolate rain
    over the rainbow.
    Louisiana rain;
    mandolin rain;
    purple rain;
    I can’t stand the rain
    but I get misty thinking of you.
    So when you hear it thunder, don’t run under a tree
    just dance in the rain,
    kissin’ in the rain
    with Marie from sunny Italy.

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  7. […] phoenixrising POETRY RAINS SUPREME “Whatever your opinion of rain, good or bad, lay down your deluge of words in honor of one of nature’s necessities! And as the title says, let poetry rain (er, reign) supreme!” […]

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    The air is electric, charged with ions
    of nature’s making. In the distance, rumbles
    tumble between the houses and between
    the trees. Clouds darkens, harking to all
    to run for cover. It is foolish to discover
    it is raining after you’ve already gotten wet.

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  10. Without going into details
    It’s still raining
    Inside where the water has not
    Yet risen
    I watch the line of grass wet soaked
    And the level marker become hidden
    So far this location once far enough
    Away to be safe to plan a route away
    From high tide water influx.

    Today I can only watch dreams

    At the side of the road at this the outset,
    The trees slip out of view
    Sliding into grey churn.
    And in the distance we can
    Only barely detect a gap in clouds
    For now I can only watch dreams

    Eyes closed
    This time this place this down
    Pouring of rain and more
    Leaves me without suggestions.
    I cannot search for any reason
    For not turning back
    For now I can only watch dreams

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  11. That would be devastating to watch happen.


  12. Summer Showers

    Summer showers mist,
    silver threads fall.
    Hear the soothing kiss
    bestowed on ivy-covered walls.

    Droplets dance and dally
    on petals, blooms, and leaves.
    Hush falls in the valley
    Diamonds shine on spider’s weave.

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