Do you remember going back to school and having your first assignment be an essay entitled, “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”? Using that thought as inspiration, write about something you’ve done this summer. It doesn’t have to be a vacation  per se, it could be something you did or happened on one solitary afternoon in your back yard, or a visit to someplace that allowed you to escape for a few hours. Any mental getaway will do to refresh your muse. Whatever it is, use it and be inspired by it! What DID you do on your summer “vacation?”


In an added prompt, with this being Labor Day weekend, you can also write a work/labor related poems as well. And yes, even THAT labor qualifies if you are so inclined! Think parades, cookouts, jobs, but get to work!


38 thoughts on “SUMMER VACATION


    On days of goldenrod, the sun
    is veiled in wisps of varnished dun
    as autumn nears and cooler days
    begin to burnish fields of maize
    and bid the summer cease its run.

    When I was young I had such fun
    playing with wooden sword and gun
    and wrapped in strips of saffron baize
    on days of goldenrod,

    but that was then: a childhood spun
    of Queen Anne’s lace and sally lunn.
    These days, I follow patient ways
    but, nonetheless, I toast the phase
    when life was full of prizes won
    on days of goldenrod.

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  2. My Vacation Robe

    Concealed within muse,

    robed erotically in words

    of a man confused.

    A haiku

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    Life has a funny way
    of holding on for dear life!
    Chips never seem to stay
    down for very long.
    Neither do we!
    We learn to survive,
    to stay alive for the final reel,
    stealing every scene in between.
    Coming this summer.
    One man.
    One life.
    One plan to live it to the foolish!
    He’s on track to come back
    stronger than before!
    Walter Wojtanik is surviving!

    (C) Walter J Wojtanik, 2015

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  4. On to Autumn

    Summer has nearly passed me by
    I didn’t do much for fun
    My college, writing, and host home
    Kept me on the run.

    But I have some trips planned
    Three vacations in all
    So what if I missed summer?
    I’ll enjoy my fall.

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  6. A strand of tanka to capture a special day. 🙂 Thank you, for the poetic direction Walt and smiles to all rising here.

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    I cherish the moments spent; with touring summer winds,

    venting torrential rains, hot humid nights in the streets.

    Rambling rapid beams of light, scrambling to earth

    giving new birth to days, weeks, months and the pleasure of redeeming each ray.

    The joyous sound of hearts at play in the cool splash at the park.

    Precious moments on the front porch, observing all the commotion,

    precious times of precious lives in motion.

    Benjamin Thomas

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  8. Italian Festival in Pioneer Square

    Music of Italy, sung
    by a male group clothed
    in black pants and shirts.
    People rose from their seats
    around the square to dance
    in front of the stage.

    Circling the stage, tents
    were propped up with Italian
    flags waving, “Italy” shirts
    for sale, and of course, a mandatory
    raffle to win a trip to Italy.

    Over in the food court, irresistible
    aromas danced on our tastebuds.
    Pizza, eggplant, fettuccine Alfredo,
    and garlic bread. Still hungry?
    Get in line for luscious flavors
    of gelato, or for a taste of
    heaven, consume a cannoli,
    ends rich with pistachios.

    As we sat eating, the yearly
    grape-stomping contest got
    underway, with opposing teams.

    A lovely respite in another country.

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    (a shadorma)

    days spent on the beach
    feeling hot
    sand between
    my toes, sun’s rays on my face…
    Only in my dreams.


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