RamboToday, we go to war. Pit two objects against each other and let them fight it out. You’ve heard of STAR WARS, COLA WARS, WAR OF THE ROSES, ROBOT WARS… Write your verbal battle with the title, ____________ WARS. Be creative and nobody will get hurt!


19 thoughts on “A WAR OF WORDS

  1. Morning Wars

    She must have heard my room door creak
    For she’d be waiting at my chair
    The war would start with laptop there
    Between her ears I’d have to peek
    While stroking fur so soft and sleek
    I’d try to nudge her to the side
    But she would move where screen would hide
    The battles drove me clear insane
    But I would like to fight again
    I sure miss Snickers since she died

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    Coming to the aid of thirst,
    There could be worse options
    Than choosing lemonade or lime.
    Every time I put the squeeze on,
    One would please me more than
    The other. If I had my druthers,
    I’ll pick lime! Anyway, it’s easier to rhyme!

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  3. Retirement Wars

    Come to sunny Florida,
    you can be outdoors each day,
    except, of course, in hurricanes
    or when mosquitos whisk you away.

    Arizona is the place to be,
    our climate is always dry.
    Of course our summer heat is scorching,
    and a cactus could poke out your eye.

    We have the pools
    and political fools
    We have the painted desert
    We have key lime pie for dessert.

    Wherever you decide to retire
    No doubt, you will likely perspire.

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  4. All things to do with Arizona was supposed to be in Italics.


  5. William Preston


    The dish remarked to the crock,
    “I’m prettier than you,
    and that is why men seek me out
    when they’ve a yen to chew.”

    The crock replied to the dish,
    “You’re shallower than I,
    and that is why men stay with me,
    for I can satisfy.”

    The two clinked back and forth
    till both of them were broken,
    and that is why men should not treat
    either of them as a token.

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    A noun and a verb met in battle
    to see if the other one’s tattle
    could squelch or annoy
    his opponent’s grand ploy
    to emerge as the prince of the prattle.

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  8. Should be a poem about Time Wars…


    Thank you, for the challenge, Walt. 🙂



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