As August comes to a close, students are currently returning or are preparing to return to their studies. Summer is winding down and we’re two-thirds the way to 2016. Sometimes it is imperative to get away, but then, something are worth going back to. The sparrows return to Capistrano, Elvis sang “Return to Sender” and Dean Martin sang “Come Back to Sorrento”. Each April we file our tax returns and we expect a return on an investment! We go back and watch a favorite movie. Some books have us riveted and we go back to them as well. Bottles and cans go back for deposit. What do you always return/come back to experience? Write a “return” poem.

35 thoughts on “MANY HAPPY RETURNS

  1. William Preston


    There’s little that a friendship lacks
    for blunting fear or dire attacks,
    but if you focus on its cracks
    you might as well spurn it,
    for friendship falters in its tracks
    if you don’t return it.

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    Abandoned to elements

    of curious winds

    frigid temperatures

    and keen slithering shadow

    within these dark moments

    we sorely forgive the lack

    of her springing countenance

    or her far reaching ray

    For when the dawn dances

    and gleefully has its way

    splitting open the night

    rolling in steady golden streams

    delivering day once again

    on her broad faithful wings

    we are grateful for the company

    and the bliss she brings

    Benjamin Thomas

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  3. William Preston


    I used to like to sit up there
    in ancient wooden bleachers
    gone white with age and sagged from days
    of holding fans and screechers

    but now I have to sit upon
    a rigid metal slat
    that manages to crease and groove
    my folds of fanny fat.

    I say, restore the ambience
    that sun-washed wood delivers;
    a ballgame’s not a ballgame till
    your seat can feed you slivers.

    NB: Offerman Stadium was a baseball park in Buffalo, New York, built in 1924 and torn down in 1960.

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  4. Returns

    Do you remember collecting
    pop bottles when you were a kid?
    Going from door to door
    to neighbor’s houses.
    Getting a few cents each.
    My friend and I did this.
    We bought plastic sheeting
    and thumb tacks
    and built a cabin in the woods.
    One night, she, my sister and I
    slept in our cabin.
    In the middle of the night
    we had to find a board
    to place at the bottom,
    because we built it on a slope
    and we kept sliding down.
    There was a cliff not far off.
    Later some boys wrecked our creation.
    Though their parents made them apologize,
    we never rebuilt.

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  5. Return to Pink

    If a wave of depression
    seems bent on remaining,
    until the oppression
    bores me, I need entertaining,

    and that is when I turn
    to a Pink Panther movie.
    Chief Dreyfus slowly burns
    as Clouseau acts the looney.

    Whether breaking priceless antiques
    or falling into swimming pools,
    not understood when he speaks
    or playing Cato for a fool,

    Clouseau never fails at the task
    of pulling me out of my gloom
    with disguises and facial masks.
    Laughter is sure to resume.

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    Returned unopened.
    The letter,
    an explanation,
    an apology,
    an “it’s been so long
    and I’ve been thinking…”
    It says address unknown.
    Insufficient postage.
    No number found.
    The reasons become
    more wordy than your note.
    All you wanted to say
    was thank you for
    everything, I’m sorry for
    everything. You want to do
    everything you can to
    heal the wounds. But,
    even though time can heal,
    too much time can render
    one obsolete. Unavailable.
    Resting in Peace.
    Returned unopened.

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  9. There’s been a lot of tragedy in my area lately, namely two fishing boats overturned during a very nasty storm at sea this weekend, and only the boats were found. So my take on return isn’t very happy.


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  11. I’m sorry to be a post and run kinda poet these days…time will allow once school gets rolling.

    Here’s a tanka and a thank-ya. :)’s

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    We fill the chasm of dead air
    with sarcasm that is unfair,
    and report, every retort
    of every cohort in our battle of wits.
    It’s a darn shame that words are wasted
    when the bittersweet expression
    of them can be tasted and savored
    when used to soothe and caress.
    Flavored with vitriol it leaves a tart
    after bite that repeats again
    and again. It has a knack of coming back.


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