StampedeThe Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The ten-day event, which bills itself as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, attracts over one million visitors per year and features one of the world’s largest rodeos, a parade, midway, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions, chuckwagon racing and First Nations exhibitions.

Wrap your poem around the idea of a rodeo, exhibition or a festival and “Gitty-up!”




  1. connielpeters


    Noisy crowd
    Smell of dusty air
    Gallant horse
    Scrambling hooves
    Showing what it is made of
    Proud rider

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  2. giddy

    get a long hot dog, get beer in a cup
    if you feel lucky, son–step right on up
    don’t be ashamed, cowboy
    don’t you be shy
    you don’t win with your mouth. you don’t win til you try.
    –put your money down, boy. you can do it
    use the Force, Luke. one. two. three. now!
    pay the winner! next? step on up young lady.

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  3. July 6 – Rodeo

    Scented Memories

    A town up the road has a rodeo
    Five days of good old cowboy fun
    With bull riders and bronco busters
    Farm and family sideshow exhibits
    Reminders of my upbringing
    A few decades in the past

    I slowly walk exhibit row
    By sows and corn and pumpkins
    Old tractors draw my attention
    Like the ones I drove in my youth
    So much fun on those powerful beasts
    So much power for a youngster
    They made me feel all grown up
    A great memory from long ago

    Then I mosey up to the riding arena
    Lean on the fence and take in the view
    Then the smells of sweat and droppings
    Remind me of my neighbor growing up
    With cows and horses in the pasture
    The scent of hot days downwind
    Took me back as I plugged my nose
    Never really liked hot days downwind
    Know what I mean

    Nevertheless, a good rodeo is exciting
    As a spectator, not a participant
    ‘Cause I could leave at any time
    That I had enough to fill my cup
    Or violate my nose
    Just saying

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    Bucking bronco Buckaroo,
    chapped and stetson clad,
    he’s had better days.
    Mounting the steed
    he needs to tame in
    eight seconds. He reckons
    it will be a feat to meet
    that time frame. And then
    the signal came. Stirrups and boots
    leave the chute. The horse
    she’s a beauty. Her duty –
    to toss her charge for a loss.
    Baggy pants clowns wait
    to dance danger away.
    Eight seconds may as well
    be a week and a day!


  5. William Preston


    If you have a home
    where the buffalo roam,
    you know the soul’s place is
    in wide-open spaces;
    you know there are borders
    to reason and orders,
    for what rule can impede
    love’s breathless stampede?

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  6. Oh how lovely! Love ” love’s breathless stampede”. Leaves me rather breathless.


  7. […] for Phoenix’s “Calgary Fair” – 6 July 2015. Image from National Archive Digital Library, No […]


  8. I’m still tinkering with prose poetry, so here’s mine in prose form. Also posted at


    I Still Smell Those Fried Onions

    We stopped going to the County Fair when Dad said it was too expensive for all four of us, as if the cost of admission for him was okay but we all made it prohibitive. But even after we stopped going, the fair still appeared like a Lazarus miracle, rising up from the hardpan fields outside town. One day it was fields, the next ten it was a fairground. Overnight the tents went up, tables filled with apples and quilts and pumpkins, all begging for blue ribbons and mention, and off in a side tent, those big display jars with a pickled pig foetus, and a preserved lung from a cigarette smoker, and that huge cow’s heart. And through it all you’d hear kids screaming delight on spinning teacups and the rollercoaster that ached the old bones of its wooden frame. We ate hotdogs and burgers, Dad always wanted fried onions on his, and there was pink candy floss that we were never allowed near. I didn’t know the word then, bliss, but it was – a field of bliss. For two weeks – just two – and then the field returned to a scar of dust and a few bits of litter rolling across my memories.

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  10. Stampede of Red and White

    Ground vibrates with hooves
    Wild energy flashes eyes
    And noses flare wide
    Billows in wind white and red –
    Eleven-point maple leaf.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2015

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  11. Calgary Stampede

    Sheep, dogs, and miniature
    donkeys, we’ve got them all.
    Come to the Calgary Stampede
    to see bareback broncos,
    bull-riding cowboys. What’s that?
    You say you’ve never wrestled
    a steer? Well, grab a beer,
    have no fear, we are all friendly
    here. From music to parades,
    we can’t be beat. This is
    the greatest outdoor show
    on earth, so get yourself
    a seat.


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