OK, so our first destination isn’t as exciting as we’ll get. But you’ve heard stories of people hiking across country and visiting many camp grounds, tourist attraction and sight-seeing areas. So we’ll begin simply with this:

Write about hiking to a specific area in your locale or somewhere you’d like to visit. We’re not talking about taking a walk. Your means of transportation is your two feet. So my direction to you is this: “GO TAKE A HIKE!” and share your experience!



  1. connielpeters

    Hiking up to Bear Falls

    Start in Telluride, Colorado,
    vacation spot of rich and famous.
    As you pick your way up the dirt road,
    maybe stars pass you by in the daylight.
    Take photo of city of cairns,
    or stop and build one yourself.
    Spot elk, deer, rabbits, squirrel.
    Stand on the embankment looking down,
    way down to the river.
    Murmur polite greetings on narrow path.
    Gaze in wonder at the falls,
    though they’re not that big.
    The wonder is more about
    if you’ll make it all the way back down.

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  2. Tolerating the Drizzle

    The footprints
    in the mud
    before me
    don’t match mine
    as the gap
    between us
    grows larger
    and I feel
    the raindrops
    my hopes
    that the sun
    or you
    will warm me
    when I catch up

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  3. July 1 – Take a Hike

    40 Klicks to Fuji

    In a time decades past
    In a land so far away
    Working with the abandoned
    The parentless or unwanted
    Loving children needing love
    Just trying to make them smile

    April 1st was not April Fools
    But a night to walk as a family
    The orphanage family and us
    40 kilometers mostly uphill
    In groups, through the darkness
    Walking all through the night

    With six gaijin GI’s
    Accepted and loved by all
    We checked our sneakers
    Our water bottles topped off
    As we set out at nine PM
    The green lakes of Fuji our goal

    Eight klicks and some rest
    Some water and a snack
    Then eight more, repeated four times
    We GIs took the lead
    With teachers as guides
    Before dawn our goal was reached

    One by one the groups finished
    So tired from the trek
    We all gathered in a park
    Bodies lay hither and yon
    Awaiting the sun on the rise
    And the bus that would take us back

    Then it happened so slowly
    Something I’ve never seen
    As the sun kissed the top of Mt. Fuji
    Then minute by minute
    Her greatness was revealed
    I could not turn my eyes away

    The sun broke the horizon
    Mt. Fuji in full view
    At the base a pure lake of green
    Surrounded by blossoms
    Pink and white glowing bright
    On fully bloomed cherry trees

    These 40 klicks to Fuji
    With sore, tired legs
    Hungry stomachs and need for sleep
    All was forgotten
    As the beauty sprang forth
    On a sight I may never again see

    © 2015 Earl Parsons

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  4. Here is my hiking effort
    hope this link works 😉

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  5. Hi there, my poetic loved ones! I miss you all, and your wonderful words. Face-to-face life takes up my time these days and for the foreseeable future (not all a bad thing, truly). Please know you are all loved and missed, and may God bless you all in whatever season of life you are in. ❤

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  7. Here’s one…

    Thank you for the inspiration today and the days to come, Walt…I appreciate your efforts. 🙂

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  8. I’ll see if I can come up with something a bit more fitting to the summer theme…if I do, I’ll be back to post it here. Meanwhile…this was what first came to mind when I read about taking a hike. Today is my 12-year anniversary of moving to San Antonio from Chicago…which wouldn’t have happened if I’d not been “moved along” from a previous job.

    (a shadorma)

    Being told
    to take a hike is
    not easy
    to hear. Yet…
    sometimes it’s what we need to
    get from A to B.

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  9. […] prompt at Phoenix Rising today is to write about hiking.  At my age and decrepitude I walk, but no longer hike, so here is […]

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  10. William Preston


    There is nothing on Earth that I like
    less than taking a strenuous hike;
    I would rather ride comets
    with their streaming blue vomits
    or go traipsing through trams on a trike.

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    We choose to go
    where we go,
    Tracking through mud,
    and ice,
    and snow.
    Open fields yield
    to the mountainous majesty.
    A travesty of nature
    for people of stature.
    One booted foot steps,
    before the next foot falls.
    Trails call, inviting,
    your steps lighting
    every path taken.

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  12. I like the idea of steps lighting…bringing light…a meditative feel to this trekking piece…nicely gathered, Walt. 🙂


  13. Hiking?

    Hiking now
    would be a mistake
    Left hip hurts
    Right hip aches

    I am sure
    there were hikes in my past
    where? I don’t know,
    my memory has crashed.

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  14. The Divide

    We slipped the bonds
    of our self-imposed shackles,
    losing ourselves
    in the mountains.

    We dug deep
    for our primitive instincts,
    standing ankle deep in
    clear streams,
    we speared our dinner
    with weapons
    we fashioned ourselves.

    At night
    the heavens were so close
    we thought we had
    bypassed St. Peter
    and ascended

    And when we sat upon the divide
    we thought
    there is nothing
    we can’t do
    and nothing
    we can’t conquer.

    Even when
    disquiet entered the glade
    and lingered,
    we moved on
    without diminishing
    the spirit of conquest
    the people
    we had become.

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