This week we will depart from routine and pay heed to those who choose NOT to celebrate rhyme. We will give you a break and give sway to the Anti-Rhyme. We have Anti-Heroes, Anti-freeze, Anti-acid, Anti-Oxidants, some speak of the Anti-Christ. There is an antithesis, Auntie Mame (had to throw that in) and twice a year (one coming up soon) a Two-for-Tuesday call to the Anti-Love poem. So, if you are against using rhyme, write your anti-rhyme poem. Anything that you are against is fair game. Against the Designated Hitter in baseball, give it a whirl. Anti-Reality TV, that works as well. Break the mold this week, and rail against your anti-whatever. But, there is no need for rhyme in your poems (unless you truly are driven by it!) We will get an early jump on April Poetry Month next week. I will assemble a calendar featuring a different form each day. Try to use it in at least one of your efforts in whichever P.A.D. Challenge you undertake.


  1. “Anti-free versus anti-rhyme”

    There’s no rhyme I cannot defy—
    soft or perfect or internal eye.
    Why fancy anti or give in to ridicule?
    Is this one crackerjack? Is that one zero cool?
    Is that one the cat’s pajamas and this one a jewel?
    A frosty hello? A gentle goodbye?
    Each is a rebel against the other?

    Rhyme is sublime (but confined inside my mind.)
    Free is a little unschooled—an anti-lover, an anti-rule.

    But it’s not this verses that.
    It’s not fantasy verses fact.

    THAT is the talk of a poetic fool.
    (It’s mysterious that BOTH are legal and cool.)

    A gold mine sits on a three-legged stool—
    Rhyme verses Free versus Anti/Anti equals
    couplets and quatrains and sequels
    of verse. (That may sound just a tad terse.)
    But, it’s a cognitive conundrum—
    a negative times a negative somehow equals a positive.

    And still the primitive poem that lives in us is birthed.

    And we, in spite of what we believe—rhyme or free,
    are still poets.

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  2. Outside Lines and Boxes

    Categories and labels annoy me.
    My thinking is not always
    the same, my writing varies;
    I am not this sort
    or that, I am me. Religion,
    age groups, sexual preferences,
    tastes, and moods are not
    little boxes neatly labeled
    and displayed on a shelf.
    Labeling is tantamount
    to prejudice, and prejudice
    is unacceptable.

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  3. Contraction Ban

    My husband says
    I am getting smartified,
    going to college,
    but more like mystified,
    because I cannot use contractions,
    which is just plain silly.

    Just think of how many unnecessary
    words I will use because
    I will not be able to use contractions.
    When I am done with college
    you will see that
    I will use contractions.

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  4. The Riming of Rhyme

    I think that I shall never see
    a poem as lovely as a tree
    I recited at no more than three
    And there the shame began for me
    For I was not greeted with any glee
    Oh no, rather they hinted patronizingly
    That rhyme in real poems was not to be
    But what to do with the rhymes – oh gee
    They sing to me still – oh so Seussily
    I pause the rhyming -for I shall never see
    again, that poem as lovely as a tree
    Although the songs sing on, sing on in me…

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  5. Really busy week, so I’m throwing this one in from a few years back. Hopefully I’ll get a new on in later.

    Rhyme Break

    For quite some time
    I wrote in rhyme
    I thought it necessary

    And then one day
    Someone said, “Hey,
    Don’t be so ordinary.

    It’s like romance
    Just take a chance
    And write straight from the heart.”

    It was my time
    To break from rhyme
    Get off the sound-alike cart

    So I broke the rhyming curse
    For better or for worse
    I took the leap of faith
    And escaped the rhyming race

    Now I’m free
    To be me
    I can be what I want to be

    I can rhyme if I wish
    Or not

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  6. William Preston


    No chimes
    can be chiming
    nor poems be charming
    when verses fade into rhymeless

    EH, WOT?

    to break the mould
    of sounds that sound the same
    than suffer the shame of mouldy
    old rhymes.

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    I’m anti anti-anything:
    proscribing rhyme would be a sin.
    to rhyme for me (so long as it’s subtle)
    is like breathing, perfectly natural.
    Anti-rhyme goes against the grain:
    I’m anti hard rhyme with sing-song metre –
    doggerel is a blot on the poetic landscape –
    acceptable in nursery songs
    but out of place in lyric poetry.
    The only anti that I’m pro
    is anti-dote, to poison.

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  8. My Reasoning… 3.25 s

    If I were to be anti anything…it might be stupidity
    especially in relationship to the telephone seller
    the “telemarketer”

    There is no love loss
    between me and what they proclaim
    to be the next best thing since sliced bread

    Be it home security; ‘free now if you put
    our sign in your yard’, miracle face cream,
    a new low rate for electricity or my credit card.

    I’ve got caller ID, so I can see, that if I don’t know the number
    I don’t have to ‘pick up’ – Most often a robo message isn’t even left…
    darned if I’m going to wait for a ‘snake oil’ rep

    I’ll rhyme when I want, when it comes naturally.
    But as for old metered measures,
    I ‘takes’ little pleasures in avoiding them at all costs.


    can also be found here:
    My Reasoning…

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  9. (When I don’t have to rhyme I rhyme, go figure.)
    Drives Me Buggy

    What raises my hackles
    makes me see red
    causes my blood pressure
    to go to my head?

    I’m anti-laziness
    replace your buggy,
    I ask you earnestly.

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  10. Unrhymed

    By: Nurit Israeli

    Today, I set my words free.
    I don’t assemble them to
    sound good together,
    alliterate, interlace,
    not even softly rhyme.
    I don’t arrange them,
    like soldiers,
    in aligned rows
    of an encoded order.

    Today, I set my words free,
    liberate them from rules that hinder.
    See? I let my words
    and fall
    off all confining hooks.

    Yes, today, I give birth
    to rows that
    pour out
    and I enjoy
    the misfits,
    the mismatched stanzas,
    the shapeless forms.

    Let me, I tell myself,
    make allowances
    for dissonance.

    Let me find beauty
    in the ill-fitting parts
    of a flawed whole.

    Let roaming lines
    delight me with their
    unruly free verse.

    After all,
    my life roams without rhyme
    (most of the time).

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  11. When posting, the “free roaming” of the words and lines on the page, as originally written, disappeared. The site “forced” them to appear orderly. C’est la vie…




  13. I guess I’m more attached to rhyme than I realized – it’s hard not to rhyme! 🙂

    Thank you, Walt for the poetic nudge that brought me to my focus for this week’s poem.


    Send me to sing with stars
    singe my name in tail of comet
    don’t hold me captive with clouds
    spill me to the great space beyond
    stitch my last words to constellation –
    let the gravity of them settle to dust
    a little bit of glitter for Milky Way glow,
    Universe’s beauty that I could never unknow.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2015

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  14. The Breath of Rhyme
    What can I say–
    The rhythm in the waves
    just rhymes and chimes
    drumming at rotes
    that were stuck in my throat.
    Thoughts of my heart
    just ebb and flow
    throbbing slow
    dig deep and seep
    syllables that pound
    into my skin
    and follow a path
    the one more travelled
    with my own impart.
    Breath exhales
    just rhyme inhales
    for no reason
    in all kinds of seasons.
    I’ve a lot to learn
    about words that feel
    and this ‘Phoenix’ grace
    is a perfect place


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