We’re coming to the end of our love song. The sounds and various effects we use to express them will serve us in our future pursuits of poetry.

Twice a year when the poetry challenges come around, we know there will be a Tuesday dedicated to either love poems and “anti-love” poems. These opposite poles of romantic magnetism have a distinct “sound” all their own.

As we’ve explored, the lilting music of love has a quality that placates our hearts and touches souls. But the edgy, almost angry or angst filled sense of this “dark side” of love has a certain timber to it. The sound is more driven by the emotion. Jealousy, paranoia, uncertainty and self-doubt all come off sounding different from one another.

So, to close out February and to silence the sounds of love, develop some of those dreaded “anti-love” poems.



  1. Over It

    Cold as the floe floating free
    hard as the granite on bleak tor
    could the warmth of the sun or
    time’s eroding constant plea
    turn your heart back to me?

    And if so, I’d toss my head in distain
    I’d never deign be such a fool again.

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  2. on a one-way street
    hate’s one step away from love
    point of no return

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  3. Great start ladies! Just finished snow blowing the drives. There is no love lost on this never ending winter. This prompt came at a good time! Carry on, poets!

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  4. You say you love her
    But the only one you love
    Loves only himself

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  5. Winter’s Pain
    Sounds in snow blowers
    Drilling frozen heartbeat splish slosh
    High pitched emissions

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  6. Chucked It All, Except Your Hat

    It could’ve been a lifetime, ours.
    Forever to love, an ivory tower.
    But we held too keen our own. Stood
    on corners. Blind as trees are to woods.
    Stood too stubborn, refused to show
    our feelings. Us. Lonely as a prairie road.
    So here I sit where you once sat,
    by the way … I
    chucked all your things, but kept your hat.
    And you never said, and I’ll never tell,
    why our lives to pieces fell.


    Written for Phoenix Rising “anti-love poem”


    © MB 2014,

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    Hardened hearts host hate
    in congealed pools
    that love cannot abate;
    hardened hearts host hate
    and cast caring to fate
    and the fulminations of fools.
    Hardened hearts host hate
    in congealed pools.

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  8. […] THE SOUND OF LOVE: THE SOUND IN EMOTION-develop some of those dreaded “anti-love” […]


  9. Tanka Welling

    Pit sits lodged firmly
    a pithy seed of sadness
    tears will set it free,
    forgiveness will begin growth –
    heart of hatred will transform.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2015

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  10. Absent

    You many not think
    I noticed the distance between us
    when we’re standing side by side.
    Your words are warm and friendly,
    while your eyes go right past my head.
    I remember what it was like
    when I kissed Mom in the coffin.
    It’s like that.

    (Don’t worry, this is fiction.)


  11. An Anti-Love Poem in Winter

    Watch out for fast flies
    buzzing, honing in
    on the scent of honey
    that drips from your tongue
    in a litany of lies.

    Shovel the snow that whites
    that blackness of your heart.
    Cart it away with all
    the other parts of me
    you have destroyed,
    and all those wasted years
    I will never get back.

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  12. Blot out the failure
    love doesn’r always go wrong
    cherish the success

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  13. Knowing Past Feeling

    On some days
    The love she feels
    Morphs into a monster
    As something
    Foreign reels
    Ferocious as love,
    These fork-tongued foes
    Remind her
    She cannot simply rely
    On what she feels,
    But knows

    How is it, velvet touch
    Can turn harsh
    As scratches on chalkboard
    And what she thought
    She knew of love
    Mocks loud
    Where demons lord?
    To simply rely
    On feelings shows
    How little of love
    She really knows

    © Janet Martin

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    Something has changed within me,
    and you see, I can’t fight it anymore!
    It goes to the core of the guy you knew
    and it’s true. You see it too!
    I can’t hold you like I used to,
    my caresses aren’t like they were.
    And sure, you can still make my heart
    sing and you bring out the best
    in the rest of me! But something has changed.
    These feelings have rearranged
    and I never thought they could,
    or even should. I would find the bliss
    in every kiss you offer, but I scoff
    at the idea that that’s all there is!
    My heart is near breaking, it is aching
    almost to bursting and what’s worse,
    I am glad it is so. Because, just when I thought
    I can’t love you any more, I realize… I truly do!

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    Life throws you curves which swerve
    out of your strike zone leaving you
    alone in a crowded room. Your doom
    was feeling love was something
    you could grow into. But you two
    feel obligated, not celebrated in the
    traditions of bliss, every Judas kiss
    turns your head instead of turning
    your heart. You start to feel your
    footing giving way and the day
    you no longer do, will be your last clue.
    You yell and fight all night still standing,
    no soft landing to be had. Is it bad?
    When you never fall, does love fail?


  16. I’ll have to come back to this…
    Just wanted you to know that WP took you away from my ‘follow’ list. So I didn’t get the prompt.
    How aggravating….every time they make a change they trip up something.


  17. Is Love Forever Lost?

    By: Nurit Israeli

    Like shipwrecked sailors,
    they are trying to save
    what has long been lost.

    The storms have left their mark.
    Deep scars refuse to fade,
    and rancor casts them adrift.

    Defeated, they dig through
    the wreckage of shattered hopes,
    searching the remains for survivors.

    Can a spark arise from the ember
    of their smoldering desolation?
    A fragment of hope?

    Is love forever lost in the ashes of
    burnt dreams, or can it still ascend,
    like a Phoenix, reshaped, in spite?

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  18. A Quiet Finale

    Their story –
    Too many wrong turns
    until the dips and lows
    became the norm
    and the fun and love
    began to leech out –
    fading away…
    like an old polaroid picture.


  19. Wonderland Wildness

    Alice showed no malice toward
    the red-faced Queen of Hearts.
    Roses had been painted red,
    Fuming, the queen said, off with her head,
    all besides the issue of those stolen tarts.

    The white rabbit was late
    so it was his fate
    to have tea time begin
    without him.

    The Cheshire cat had vanished,
    dormouse was clearly drunk,
    Hair and Hatter spoke gibberish
    leaving Alice in a funk.

    She’d grown too tall,
    shrunk too small
    after her fall,
    with no one to call,
    found herself sprawled
    on the ground near a wall.

    Alice sought advice
    from a caterpillar, smoking
    a device that blew letters in air,
    promptly setting her choking.

    Her curiosity caused a dream,
    that’s what the family said.
    When Alice woke under a tree,
    ow! a bump on her head.

    Alice kept her thoughts unspoken, smiling
    at a piece of broken mushroom, a token beguiling.


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