PhoenixPGLogo1Welcome to the PHOENIX RISING POETRY GUILD. The name of this poetry group is derived from the creature of Greek mythology. As you know, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

And as well, the dictionary describes a guild as an organization of persons with related interests and goals, especially one formed for mutual aid or protection. The combination of these two concepts is the basis for the change in name, design, thinking and presentation.

“Arising from the ashes” of the CREATIVE BLOOMINGS poetry blog, “The Guild” will feature the works written and assembled by the poets of the former site as well as new voices who wish to join in poetic pursuits, all nurtured in the creative process and dedicated to the words and rhymes that themselves arise from the subjects and prompts featured here. It will try to stay less ambitious than its former site and hopefully without a “competitive” nature.

I’ll try to answer some of the concerns presented on the Poetic Bloomings Facebook page (which will remain online as is and will be the “meeting place” for such discussions and encouragements):

Many of our poets admit to being “out of the loop”. No two people know that feeling as much as Marie and I do. The idea of going back to “our roots” (to coin one of the last gardening phrases here) appeals to my sense of what was right and good about what we intended and what we’ve accomplished at the Creative Bloomings blog. Even our first associations with each other at Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer, were founded on the desire to express in a poetic fashion in a sense of community and encouragement, the thoughts and feeling we had fostered. This current re-organization wishes to re-affirm that origin, and hopes to draw our “prodigal” poets back to the fold.

The thoughts of the site being more of a writing group rather than a competitive endeavor had been a constant wish since we first began. We had failed in that, through the introduction of the Bloom awards. One of my peeves of late was the feeling of our poetic circles becoming “Full-contact Competitive Poetry” suppositories. That’s the reason I personally steer away from poetry challenges that draw poets out of the woodwork with the enticement of being published somewhere. Don’t misunderstand, I like seeing my words in print. But I have found that I love to write poetry for the love of writing poetry. I want this last configuration of our site to bring us back to that thought. We’re writing first drafts of future more polished and complete poems here.

The return strictly to poetry will keep things from getting too convoluted here (and make it much easier to maintain.) The above links to the CREATIVE BLOOMINGS page and the FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY page (which will remain online as the archival units for our previous work) will always be active. The access to the form descriptions and examples will serve as a tool for future use. Also the RECOLLECTIONS pages will still function as originally proposed. You will still be able to add to your collections at that site. The “Creative” function of the former site will also still be available for your non-poetic works (Artwork, photographs, crafts…) and links to those additions will be posted here.

We are going to be moving away from the “garden” analogy to give our space new “legs”. Hopefully, we can rejuvenate our rolls and become a strong voice in poetic circles once more.

Hannah Gosselin has offered an idea to have an opportunity to help out with prompts, or provide discussion topics via an e-mail thread. Your contributions are always welcomed here. The current e-mail ( ) remains as our contact link. If you wish to be a regular contributor in this cause, I will try to accommodate those wishes.

Thanks to all for your continued contributions and support. As long as you are willing to further  our process and the propagation of poetry, I’ll try to provide an avenue for us to do so. The new tag line for this PHOENIX RISING POETRY GUILD is: “Poets Reborn; Rising From the Ashes”. We are in this to rise together.

Again, the Guild will be opened to poets of all ages and skill levels. 


Watch for the site to go live starting February 1st!





  1. I welcome you all to the new poetry group under the name of the “Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild”!

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  2. Well said, Walt. I wish you every success with this new venture, and hope to stop in from time to time. My seasons for poetry wax and wane, but I consider the poets of this circle to be lifelong friends.

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  3. Very cool. I’m looking forward to it.

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  4. Yeah! Where there are ashes, there are usually marshmallows! I like my golden brown all around with that gooey center. YUM. Thank you to all for keeping the fire of poetry and friendship glowing and warming all of us!

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  5. Thank you Walt. You’ve said what needs to be saying with “But I have found that I love to write poetry for the love of writing poetry.” I hope to see you emerging from the ashes at the Phoenix Guild.

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  6. For those of us without a WordPress presence, will that present a problem? (And btw…I think this is awesome!)

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  7. I am glad to see the site up and running (or to extend the metaphor–giving it wings instead of legs, up and flying.) I’ve been missing everyone.

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  8. This is the most exciting thing to happen all day.

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  9. I’m thrilled!! This all sounds excellent, Walt. Thank you for all the thought that’s gone into this. It will be so nice to find winged flight with poetic friends here in a way that is both sustainable and supportive.

    Happy day!

    I look forward to our rising on Feb. 1st…I love the new logo and theme, Walt…already in my bookmark bar!

    Warm smiles to everyone and see you all soon. 🙂

    Reaching for blue sky
    poets feathered-flight – winged
    the Phoenix will rise.

    © H.G.

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  10. Reblogged this on Metaphors and Smiles and commented:
    The PHOENIX RISING POETRY GUILD is an off-shoot of the Creative Bloomings (formerly Poetic Bloomings) poetry site. It has been re-organized and “repackaged” in a more direct and barebones repository for members to share, support, and discuss poetry, and the processes involved.

    I’m looking forward to this site as Creative Bloomings, (formerly Poetic Bloomings), has been a poetic home for me, (and many of our poetic friends), for a good number of years now! Change and renewal is always a good thing, I think. 🙂

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  11. New year – new beginnings. Wonderful news, Walt.

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  12. This is wonderful! Now those of us who write and love reading poetry have a place to go. Thank you, Walt.

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    • Salvatore, I think we all needed this restart. The idea of burning it down and rising above it for the sake of what we love doing… reading and writing poetry without pretense. Welcome home, and you’re welcome, Sal! Walt.

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      • Just let us know when to meet your poetic challenges by submitting our work. Best of luck with this new venture!


  13. oh yes – let’s continue to foster new and first draft work – thank you for this opportunity

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  14. Excited to becomes part of this community! thank-you.

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    • Happy to see your name come up here. You reemerged as I was closing down the other site. But we are encouraged by the response of our poets to make this what the other site was… a great place to share poetry! Welcome back, Janet!


  15. This is great! I love the name and tagline. Best wishes for your new endeavor.


  16. I love how when you scroll over the logo at the top of the page, the phoenix rises! I’m easily amused.


  17. I found this – written for a photo prompt on Poetic Blooming Jan 2013:

    Phoenix Rising

    The golden plumes
    tired by life
    worn ragged
    by the trials and tribulations
    frazzled by excess

    The glory days long gone
    burnt out
    washed up
    on the shores of desolation
    beached and breathless

    The burning starts within
    echoed by the sun
    flames leap
    consuming all that once was
    now ashes and regret

    Smoke slowly swirling round
    and up as a bird might
    new feathers form
    new wings flex and spread
    life springs anew

    The Phoenix rises screaming
    freedom and life reborn
    the new dawn
    fresh opportunities beckon
    a time to start again


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  18. Had you folks in the back of my mind. Glad to visit another site with the link.
    Will bookmark your place pronto.
    All the best for the new ‘flight’.


  19. Thanks Jules. Come along for the flight!


  20. Just for you at PR – mostly because they both did fall asleep at the same time (which is rare!).


  21. I’d like to be part of this fab group. But, how?

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  22. I just found your site through a mysterious(to me) wondering around cyberville. Hope I can join with names that have become familiar on Poetic Asides.


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